Acad. Mircea Augustin Malita- Founding President

Acad. Mircea Malita is the Founding President of The Black Sea University Foundation. He graduated the Faculty of Sciences (Mathematics) and Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest and in 1972 he finished his Doctoral Thesis on “Mathematical Models for Negotiations”. He was a preparatory, assistant, lector, associate and professor at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Bucharest. Director of the Romanian Academy Library (1950-1956), consultant of the first permanent mission of Romania at UN (1956-1961), director of the Cultural Directives in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1961-1962), Deputy Minister on UN problems and international organizations (1962-1970), Minister of Education (28th February 1970-13th October 1972), adviser for foreign issues and Minister of State, member of the councils prior to the world conferences of UN for population, science and technology, for development (1974-1979). Ambassador for Romania in Switzerland and UN (Geneva) (1980-19820), in USA (1982-1984), after which he was recalled in 1984 and all of his titles were removed. He presented and held courses at the High International Studies in Geneva, Austrian Association for Foreign Affairs, in USA, Great Britain etc. He approached in his works and studies vast issues, mainly focusing on mathematical models in social sciences (“Practical Programming”, “Mathematical Models in the Educational System”, “Mathematical Approaches of Mathematical Relations”, 3 volumes). He has numerous papers on diplomacy, most important being: “Pages from the Romanian Diplomatic Past” written in collaboration, “Romanian Diplomacy. A Historical Perspective”, “Diplomacy. Schools and Institutions”. He coordinated numerous papers (“Systems in Social Sciences”, “Future of electronics and Computer Science”, “World Economy. 2000 Horizon”, “Encyclopedia of World States”, “Ten Thousand Cultures, One Single Civilization. Toward the Geomodernization of the XXI Century” etc) and has written essays: “Sphinx”, “Gray Gold”, “Living Stones”, “Triads”, “Working Ideas”, “Threads and Nods”, “Walls and Ivy”, which was first published in 1977 and reedited in 2007 etc. In the year 2007, he published a series of works: “Frames from the Cold War. Memoirs of a Romanian Diplomat”, “Between War and Peace”, “Games on the World Scene”. In 2008, in collaboration with Ph.D. Calin Georgescu, they published a volume about professions and professionalism entitled “The Reproffessionalism of Romania”. In 2009, Malita signed a number of prefaces for numerous works: “4 decades in Romanian Diplomacy” by Marin Buhoară, “Romania and the World at the Confluence of XX and XXI Centuries”, written by Ion Iliescu, and also “Regulating lobbying. In the Antechamber of Influence”, a book signed by Liviu Mihaileanu and Aurelian Horja. Also, in 2009 he released a volume of essays “The Arithmetical Mind”. On 19 November 2010, in the course of the 17th Edition of the International Gaudeamus Fair – Education Books, Mircea Malita launched the book “The Wisdom of the Soil”, a reflexive volume about the use of historical lessons in the survival strategies of a state. For the study of the proper methods of the study of historical processes and events, he proposed a new discipline: cliomathematics. As an important figure in the contemporary Romanian culture, Mircea Malita is the founding member of the Cultural European Center in Bucharest and member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, member of the International Academy of Social Perspectives, of the World Federation of Future Studies, of the “International Academy of Lutece” from Parice, Academia Internazionale “Leonardo da Vinci” from Rome, of the study center of the International Organization in Geneva, of the European Center of Culture etc. Mircea Malita is one of the founding members, in 2009, of the nongovernmental organization “Bucharest Club”, whose president is the ex-head of state Ion Iliescu. Former correspondent member (1th March 1974) and full member (18th December 1991) of the Romanian Academy.

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