The Chisinau Branch of the Black Sea University (BSUF – Chisinau)

The Chisinau Branch of the Black Sea University (BSUF – Chisinau) was registered on 25th March 2014, representing a noncommercial, nongovernmental, apolitical, without members, organization, equipped with a separate and distinct heritage of the founder.

BSUF – Chisinau operates on the territory of Moldova and has as main objectives the promoting and understanding and research of the economy, society and the wide governance of the region of the Black Sea, its position with the rest of the world as well as the development of the modalities of promoting the region’s interests at an international scale.

The purposes of BSUF –Chisinau lists the establishment of efficient forms of collaboration, fortifying the relations between educative, scientific and economic platforms across the Black Sea region, with a direct participation of the specialized international organizations and institutions as well as the interested institutions from other countries with interest in research, training and continuous education, including partnerships with scientific, didactic and professional training sectors from public entities and private sector.

The development of cooperative and partnerships, without borders and transnational to edit courses, studies, periodical publishing, books, in connections with BSUF-Chisinau objectives, are a part of our activities.

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