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Even from the beginning, Anna Lindh Foundation, an institution of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (The Union for Mediterranean) proposed or was already involved in training programs of members with the purpose of creating, developing and strengthening the National Networks, on the one hand, and on the other to update the capacity of the intercultural project.

As Coordinator of the Network (CaR) Anna Lindh Foundation Romania since 2007, BSUF works for and with the civil society in order to enhance intercultural dialogue in the region, mobilizing NGOs which have as main objective dialogue between cultures, educational aspects as well as matters of development, offering support and assistance to the NGOs in their development, training periods and guides across the process, encouraging members to organize meetings with other institutions on a national and international scale or with other NGOs, in order to develop joint projects and for a solidify partnerships in the Euro-Mediterranean area, to share and exchange experience and modalities of applying different aspects regarding the intercultural dialogue and diversity in the Euro-Mediterranean area (development, project management, fundraising, development of joint projects etc.).

Our objectives were constituted of consolidating civil society and academic community in the region as well as supporting the efforts of the countries within the Black Sea region and the South Eastern Europe which had a purpose of resolving of more stringent countries. We concentrate on a set of special subjects for the region for example Sustainable Development, Economic Sciences and Management, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Advanced Sciences – Applied Sciences, International Relations, Conflict Prevention and Negotiation, Study of Crises and Risk, Innovated Higher Education, Human Rights and Democracy, Tolerance and the capacity of Working in Joint Projects, good neighborliness and regional partnership, poverty reduction, sex equality, identification of values and models of minorities and promoting intercultural dialogue.

We developed projects which covered domains such as including and accepting in a multicultural environment, social responsibility, youth, education and training etc. Between the years 2009-2011, National Network necessitated an accentuated consolidation in order to increase the mobilization and visibility of the work through the help of Anna Lindh Foundation. The first 3 years of Anna Lindh Foundation showed the need of improvement and strengthening of the capacities of the Members to develop and implement intercultural projects.

In the year 2009 there were organized three training in Thessaloniki-Greece, Rabat-Morocco and Vienna- Austria in cooperation with the National Coordination Network. Until now, the number of the seminars, being local and regional has grown to the whole network.

In June 2010 a seminar took place in Romania, at Predeal, with the theme “Contact Marketing and Capacity Building for Intercultural Dialogue and Diversity”, “Establishing contacts and constructing the capacity for the intercultural dialogue and diversity”. At this seminar, entirely developed with the help of Anna Lindh Foundation, we invited participants from all 43 states of the Euro-Mediterranean area, having a representative from each country. States with more than 100 members (Italy, France, Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Greece and Spain) had two representatives each. The training seminar reunited approximately 53 people from different National Network, to which were added 9 persons from the Romanian National Network, having the position of co-organizers. Other purposes was facilitating interactions between organizations from different areas, linkages and implications between participants in joint projects referring to challenges in the area which necessitated coordinated actions at a regional scale, especially social problems.

The experience gathered, with the close collaboration with the Secretariat of the Anna Lindh Foundation can and will be used in the dissemination of information within the national network, through seminar programs and trainings. Actions similar to the one in Predeal were created within the premises of future collaborations such as new long term projects, with a long term impact for example joint educational programs and research, but also at the level of short and medium size projects which focus on special problems, local or regional.

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