Before the pandemic, the project of the Institute of Political Science and International Relations “Ion I. C. Brătianu” of the Romanian Academy was the launch of a Center for Russian Studies, within the institute. The pandemic changed our plan. Without necessarily inventing anything new, the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated old trends – among them, the rise of China, accelerated by the pandemic at a pace that has confused not only the West but also Beijing.

A Center dedicated strictly to Russia had become an (almost) inadequate issue, along with major trends that suggested that the future world order would revolve around the US-China doublet, leaving behind the order of the Cold War and American hegemony.

The pandemic has clearly shown us that we are entering a new era of international relations.

Therefore, the project was transformed into a Sino-Russian Study Center, within ISPRI and under the auspices of the Romanian Academy. We are now launching it in the pages of Adevărul, through one of its constant projects, namely “China up to date – the magazine of the Chinese language press”

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China la zi (22 – 30 septembrie 2021)

<object class="wp-block-file__embed" data="https://fumn.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CSSR_China-la-zi_miercuri_06.10.2021.pdf" type="application/pdf" style="width:100%;height:600px" aria-label="Înglobare pentru <a href="https://fumn.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/China-la-zi-1-16-septembrie-2021.pdf">China la zi 22 - 30 septembrie 2021China la zi 22 - 30 septembrie 2021Descarcă

Alegerile din Rusia, între metehne vechi şi semnale noi. Analiză realizată de Cristina Melnic.

Adevarul.ro Campania electorală din Federaţia Rusă şi alegerile parlamentare s-au desfăşurat în aceeaşi notă gri cu care ne obişnuiserăm şi până acum, iar rezultatele au fost pe măsură să confirme […]

Lansarea Centrului de studii sino-ruse. China la zi (1 – 16 septembrie 2021)

China la zi 1-16 septembrie 2021Descarcă

China la zi (august 2021)

Demarăm China la zi, un proiect FUMN realizat în cadrul Bursele Mircea Malița. China la zi este un proiect săptămânal de revista presei în limba chineză.

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