Prof. Univ. Ph.D. Valeriu Ioan Franc

Born on 21 May 1949 in Bucharest. He graduated the Faculty of Commerce, Economic Studies Academy in 1974. In 2000 he hold a Ph.D. in economy at the Romanian Academy.

His scientific activity starts in the year 1973, being scientific researcher and analyst for computational systems of administration at the National Institute of Economic Research.

Teaching activity: 1990 lector and associate professor – administrative computing. Starting with the year 2000, he is professor at the university in Oradea. Ph.D. supervisor and coordinator in 2003 in economy.

Since 1995 he is General Director at the Economic Informational and Documentation Centre – National Institute for Economic Research, after General Director Adjunct of the National Research Economic Institute (INCE). In 2004 he was Director – Executive President of the Centre of Studies and Documentation Romania – Luxemburg and in 1997 he is Executive president of the Romanian Association of Marketing.

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