Sebastian Vaduva&Andrew R. Thomas (Editors), „Geopolitics, Development, and National Security: Romania and Moldova at the Crossroads”

Author: Dan Dungaciu

Publisher: Springer; 2015 edition (December 5, 2014)


This volume focuses the spotlight on Romania and Moldova, two distinct nations that share a common language, history and culture. Romania is a NATO member since 2004 and a fully integrated nation into the European Union since 2007, while The Republic of Moldova (a former Soviet republic) is considering whether to join both international organizations for security and development reasons.

Chapter 2

Geopolitics and Security by the Black Sea: The Strategic Options of Romania and Republic of Moldova

Dan Dungaciu

Abstract: In this paper, the author analyzes the ideals, motivations, circumstances and challenges of establishing and of properly running the so-called „wider Black Sea region”, a multi-state project in the Black Sea inspired by similar models in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea, as well as by geopolitical necessities, one which is yet barely in its framework-setting stages. In focus is Romania and the part it should be able to – and ought to – play, as a Member State of both the EU and of NATO, in taking steps and cooperating with other EU and non-EU states bordering the Black Sea, in the interest of stabilizing, securing and developing the region given the complex geopolitical situation created between the subsequent expansion waves of NATO and the EU.

Keywords Border space · Black sea region · EU · NATO · NDI · NEI · Republic of Moldova · Romania · Security dimensions