Quality of Life: a Challenge for Social Policy. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Research Institute for Quality of Life (23-25 April 2015)

Nicolae Tibrigan and Mihai Barsan, experts from the Black Sea University Foundation have participated at the 25th Anniversary of the Research Institute for the Quality of Life”Social and Geopolitical changes in XXI Century” Conference with the paper entitled: “Technological Progress and Power Play on a Global Scale”.

The presentation aimed to show how technological development has become in time an endogenous phenomena in international relations and treating it this way, provides a more comprehensive way of understanding the geopolitical plays of the XXI century. The authors have used the term coined by Joseph Schumpeter ”creative destruction” and extended it to the modifications that appear not only in economy, but manifests itself in the integration of new technologies as advantages in relations between state actors. Technology can be found in each sector of development of every country in the world. Schumpeter predicted that the impact of R&Ds institutes and centers to be a key role in creating technological innovation. Thus the information gathered from them is fundamental in the security of each country and assures further economic growth.

Many given examples have focused, until now, on stereotypes of power play such as nuclear weapons or random discoveries like the steam machines. The presentation redirected the discussion to new discoveries which are intentional and well directed by the governmental projects which are justified as being fundamental for national security.Developing and directing technologies toward certain field of study highlight that research centers like DARPA or institutions for national security like the NSA are a direct result of the inter-connectedness between technology and international relations.