14th Annual HoN Meeting Report – 14ème Réunion de CdF Rapport

It’s been an interesting year. We came here having specific things in mind, and now we should ask: Where do we go from here?
a. Devising the best ways to implement the new Intercultural Strategy:
By providing and sharing ideas about programmes and initiatives which might be developed by the Foundation in the mid and long term period in the framework of the major strategic dimensions identified.

b. Drafting a road map for the Network’s development by 2025. By defining together on the crucial and unique role of the Networks in relation to the current challenges within a 10-year perspective.

c. Reinforcing Communication and Capacities:
By exchanging good practices and by implementing a mutual capacity building approach for Network’s development and ALF communication on the basis of the new communication strategy put in place.

Download GLOBAL REPORT: 14th Annual ALF Heads of Network meeting (ENG).

Download RAPPORT GLOBAL: 14ème Réunion annuelle des Chefs de Réseau de la FAL (FR).