Future Projects

The development of BSUF as a nongovernmental body with active support for regional initiatives which promotes peace consolidation and sustainable development through education and academic cooperation. International Institute for Peace Research • This project was implemented in 1999 under the name “The Academy of the Five Sees for International Studies and Partnership” (Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Adriatic), initially meant to spread information and know-how information (long distance learning for Master’s programs, Ph.D. titles) in order to form a new generation of innovative specialists, conscious of world issues, who can understand techniques of problem solutions and capable of meeting the needs of regional and global cooperation projects. The project was presented to the Working Group regarding the Education of the Graz Process under the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe. Table 1, in 2000. After this, it was discussed in two meetings of the Working Group in Higher Education of Process Graz. Being welcomed, the project was improved under the Working Group’s recommendations. • The Partnership with the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration from Romania – which is authorized to issue diplomas in international studies and management – offered convenient solutions to practical problems and administrative support, guaranteeing formal accreditation of the courses. Unfortunately, the project had to be rewritten when Romania started to implement the Bologna system (after 2004); also, due to rapid changes that occurred in the Romanian academic life, results have been mixed and required extra time. Our partners from Europe had encountered the same problems and only after 2008 had the possibility to rethink the project. In present, we take into consideration the idea of creating an International Institute of Peace Research which studies and elaborates possible solution for regional and international conflicts. Center of International Conferences will host over 100 reunions annually. It is expected to obtain a series of rehabilitated historical buildings in order to increase the symbolic permanent Romanian presence in the international dialogue between cultures. The development of the research centers CPSEC and LITE as well as of the regional dimensions which are under the agreements concluded with RUMN. Strengthening the Millennium III and its regular publishing with an accent on public activities (books and periodicals) and solidifying the virtual presence of the website of BSUF.